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Holley Carburetors

Holley Carburetors generate power to respond instantly!

Holley is the first choice by race car engine builders due to both, high performance and high power production in flow capacity.

  • Can be easily mounted
  • Power valve “Blowout” protection
  • Versatile model, can be applied to a wide range of vehicles
  • Increases engine performance
  • The air filter allows for a better air-flow quality

Rochester carburetors

Efficiency and a sophisticated fuel control system device!

The Quadrajet was a well needed unit due to its efficiency and sophisticated fuel control device

  • Intake valve allows for simplicity and easy servicing
  • Avoids fuel leakage
  • Adjustable partial throttle
  • Emission control

Carter Carburetors

Better Performing Carburetor

Unlike any other carburetor, Carter provides a high level of performance with very few tricky parts. They can be easily tuned through the 2 main screws in the front panel of the unit.

  • Vertical style carburetor
  • Better fuel measurement and power performance
  • Easy to tune up
  • Carter AFB has the reputation of being one of the carburetors with the best performance
  • No leakages and the inactive setup stays fixed

Carb Factory has been selling and rebuilding domestic and import carburetors for over 20 years. Our expert technicians can rebuild your carburetor or fuel injection system and also assist you to ensure that you order the correct carburetor for your car or boat. We also offer a large selection of marine carburetors, from 4-barrel Holley to 2-barrel Rochester and everything in between. Contact us today and get a quote!


What are the advantages of carburetors?

Carburetor parts are not as expensive as fuel injectors. They offer higher power and accuracy, for road testing purposes.

What are the main functions of a carburetor?

It offers 3 main functions:
1.- Combines gas and air to create a highly combusting mixture.
2.- Regulates the air and combustion proportion
3.- Controls the engine speed

Is it better to rebuild a carburetor or buy a new one?

Replace the carburetor if there is extensive corrosion, or any other significant damage that cleaning or rebuilding could not fix.

What are the symptoms of a bad carburetor?

When a carburetor goes bad, it may present symptoms such as: deficiency, overheating, black exhaust smoke, and poor overall engine performance.