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See how one of our master rebuilder is bench testing and dyno tuning a rochester quadrajet marine before the customer picks it up and installs it on his mercruiser 350 engine boat by dyno tuning on a live motor we guarantee that our product is ready to bolt on.

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1985/87 Rochester Quadrajet 4ME 7.4

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! You will get 40.00 refundable core deposit when you send the old one back.   Rochester Quadrajet 4ME with Electric choke made California emisions original carburetor made for the 454/7.4 All carburetors are bench tested and adjusted to factory specs, every carburetor comes with a base gasket and 6 months warranty. If you need to know if its for your application please call or email Us. 714-928-6003

2 Barrel Aisan for Toyota 22r/2366 CC motor

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! We will give you a core refund on your "original" same as ours old carb the core value is 40.00 ask us how that works. This is an original 2 barrel aisan carburetor for most 22r/2366 cc motor This carburetor has a round connector !! This carburetor is completely remanufactured with new gaskets and needle and seat and other parts, throttle bushings are repaired to avoid vacuum leaks. Because we are a true carburetor shop,every carburetor gets bench tested and adjusted befor being sent to you. And comes with 6 months warranty. Help us recycle !!! Here are the following applications that will fit this unit celica & corona 1981-1982 man tran only 1983 all note: 1981-1982 auto trans is my part # 3590 pick up 1981-1984 all man/auto trans (except) 1982 light duty 2 wheel drive that would be my part # 3590 1985-1987 man trans if your carburetor still has the original oem tag number write back and we will confirm this is the correct carb for you. If you have any questions or need any other kind of toyota carburetor please feel free to call us 714-928-6003

2 Barrel Carter BBD 82/91 (4.2/258)

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! Totall is 290.00 plus shipping We have the original carter bbd with feedback solenoid at a great price !! Part # 2039 2 barrel carter for jeep 82/91 (4.2/258) 230.00 for the carb plus a 60.00 refundable core deposit Any questions call 714-928-6003

2 Barrel Holley Marine 300 CFM with Electric Choke

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! Includes a 80.00 refundable core deposit This is a two barrel holley marine 2300 model with electric choke and the following application will fit this carb. OMC
  • 1991-1993 4cyl 3.0
  • 3.0 ho 91-93
Holley list number
  • R-80321
  • R-80313a
  • R-80321-a
  • R-80385a
  • 4.3 6cyl
  • 1990-1997
Holley list number
  • R80312a
  • 5.0 8cyl
  • 1989-1995
Holley list number
  • R-80382
Please call 1-714.928-6003 Please email us for details on how to get your core credit. Please note that you must tell us which way does your fuel line come in.

2 Barrel Holley Marine 302/351 500 CFM

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! The price also includes a 80.00 refundable core deposit This is the hard to find two barrel holley marine 500 CFM mostly used on volvo pentas and 302 also on 351 marine This carburetor is made to USA coast guard specs and is bench tested before shipping out Please email us for core credit questions Please call 714-928-6003 for orders

2 Barrel Mercarb 5.7 with no tube in the bottom

BUY DIRECT & SAVE! The price includes a 80.00 refundable core deposit. We also have this item in Rochester version. This is an original 2 barrel mercarb that’s made to fit all 5.7/ 350 ci motors and is the model that only has electric choke and no TKS system. Fits the following:
  • 200/5.0 v8 1987-95 1389-9670A2/3310-807312A1
  • 5.7 1996-1999 3310-807312A1
  • 5.7 SKI 1996-1999 3310-807312A1
All our items go through a process of complete remanufacture! We check the body for any fractures or warped parts, we rebush the throttle shaft and install new internal parts and we paint the body after to protect it from the elements. The final job we do is bench test and adjust to factory specs and then put in the box with it’s base gasket, if you need a different engine size or with a pipe on the base call us. 714-928-6003 or email us

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