Carburetors with better performance!

Carter carburetors have been installed in automobiles and trucks since 1909. Carter was chosen to supply the carburetor for the famous Jeep vehicles of the World War II.

Carter produced the first 4-barrel carburetor built in the United States for Buick in 1952, of straight 8-cylinder engines, followed by the WCFB in the 1955 C300 Chrysler. Eventually replaced by the AFB and AVS. The final Chrysler application on Carter 4-barrel carburetors was in the Thermo-Quad.

It also produced Rochester Quadrajet and Weber 3-barrel carburetors type 40IDA, which was a replacement for fuel injection, for the Porsche 911 S from the 60’s and 70’s.

Carter modified the carburetors for the Willys Jeep 4-cylinder engines making them water-proof, which enabled motors to keep running, even when the vehicle was in a steep angle.

Unlike any other carburetor, Carter provides a high level of performance with very few tricky parts. They can be easily tuned through the 2 main screws in the front panel of the unit.


  • Vertical style carburetor
  • Better fuel measurement and power performance
  • Easy to tune up
  • Carter AFB has the reputation of being one of the carburetors with the best performance
  • No leakages and the inactive setup stays fixed


Are Carter carburetors good?

Carter AFB is one of the best carburetors; it is as simple to tune up as a Quadrajet

How do I identify my Carter carburetor?

Carter features 3 types of numbering
1.-Series of 3, 4 or 5 letters and numbers; Ej. EV1 or D6H2 for Chrysler Corporation.
2.-For Ford Motor Company the series is a combination of letters and numbers separated by a hyphen; Ej. C5VF – UN (the first letter is the decade (B=1950, C=1950, etc); the number is the last digit of the year; the 3rd and 4th letters (before the hyphen) represents the vehicle number. The letters after the hyphen are a modifier which identifies the exact application)
3.-Traditional numbers formed from 1, 2, 3 or 4 digits followed by the letter “S”, possibly followed by another letter.