Carburetor Rebuild

If you are a proud owner of a muscle car, classic, vintage, antique or just love that old vehicle you have

We offer TWO kinds of service:

  • Show/museum quality
  • Basic remanufacture

Our service starts from the moment you call or email us to inform that your sending your carburetor. We will call you when we have it in our hands and after that it gets tagged and written up for prep.

Our craftsmen inspect the body for any damages or missing parts (if so we will inform you 1st before going ahead with the job) If everything is ok the unit is taken apart and thoroughly cleaned to bare metal and warped bases or bodies are resurfaced or tried to prevent leaks, then every part is restored to original (depending on the make of your carburetor and the finish you want).

The following is done:

  • Yellow zinc -gold color on steel parts
  • Clear zinc – silver color on steel parts
  • Chromate – olive/green color on carburetor bodies (such as Rochester and Holley)
  • Black phosphate – for cast iron bases and bodies
  • After the carburetor has been assembled the shop manager who has been in the business for over 45 years will inspect and give his final word of approval. The final stage is bench test and adjustments on a flow-bench machine. We then call you for payment and return shipping.